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Executive Duties


link to: Manual of Academic Women’s Association


  • Preside at all meetings of Executive Committee and the Annual General Meeting
  • Call special meetings when necessary, subject to limitations contained in the Bylaws
  • Organize and co-ordinate the activities of AWA
  • Ensure that the AWA holds firm its stated purpose, goals, and objectives, and continues to show leadership in its role
  • Ensure that the selected activities are carried out
  • Represent the Association in the community
  • Maintain provision for the discharge of the necessary duties of absent or suspended members
  • See that the regulations of the AWA are enforced
  • Carry out assignments and instructions given to her by vote of the members of the AWA
  • Create and co-ordinate committees and task forces deemed necessary to accomplish the goals of the AWA
  • Ensure updated comprehensive job descriptions exist for all AWA positions, and interpret their meaning as required
  • Be an ex officio member of the nominating committee
  • Be an ex officio member of all committees
  • Receive, and manage the processing of, all applications for the Woman of the Year and Graduate Student Awards
  • Have custody of the minute of the proceedings of the recent meetings of the Assocation and of the Executive
  • Position involves leadership, organization, communication, and management skills

Time – in addition to monthly meetings, another 2 hours per month handling duties above. An additional 2-6 hours are sometimes needed for particular events, campaigns, and awards (approximately 3-4 per year).

President Elect/Vice-President

  • Assist President
  • Perform duties of President in her absence

Time – in addition to monthly meetings, another 30 minutes per month, with an additional 1-3 hours sometimes needed for particular events.

Past President

  • Serve as advisor to President during the year following her term as President
  • Participate as an active member of the Executive Committee
  • Chair the Nomination Committee
  • Prepare and present to AWA for approval a slate of nominees for election to the Executive Committee at the AGM. The slate of nominees should emphasize balanced representation and appropriate expertise
  • Act, in the case of a resignation during the year, to make nominations to fill this vacancy on the Executive Committee
  • Ensure that the files of the Association are deposited at the conclusion of each term in the University of Alberta Archives. The access to these files shall be obtained through the President

Time – in addition to monthly meetings, another 30 minutes per month, with additional 1-2 hours sometimes needed for particular events and activities (such as preparing slate of nominees).

Newsletter Editor

  • Keep informed of AWA business and information that should be shared with the general membership through the newsletter, AWAre
  • Maintain regular contact with contributors of the newsletter regarding the publication’s information and its deadline
  • initiate, co-ordinate, and edit articles for the newsletter and arrange for publication
  • attend AWA program seminars and write reports for AWA

Time – in addition to monthly meetings, about 3-4 hours every couple of months (or whenever an announcement needs to go out) doing the design and then the printing. Newsletter preparation takes longer, about 10 hours per issue.


  • Prepare the minutes of the proceedings of the meetings of the Association and of the Executive Committee and arrange for their appropriate distribution
  • Prepare such letters and communications as requested by the Executive Committee for the Association and send copies to the President for the records

Time – approximately 3 hours per month to prepare and send out minutes.


Receive all monies paid to the Association and shall be responsible for the deposit of same in whatever bank the Executive may order

  • Keep proper accounts for the funds and such books as may be directed
  • issue the appropriate payments
  • Present a full and detailed account of receipts and disbursements to the Executive Committee whenever requested
  • Prepare draft budgets, financial statements, and reports as required
  • Keep the operation of the AWA within the approved budget
  • Prepare for submission to the Annual General Meeting a statement duly audited of the financial position of the Association and submit a copy of same for the records

Time – in addition to attendance at meetings, approximately 5 hours per month.

Member At Large

  • Participate actively in AWA’s affairs
  • Serve on sub and ad hoc committees
  • participate in program planning and emplementaion
  • Act in specific capacities such as Daycare Liaison and Membership Chair. The following describes these positions:

Daycare Liaison

  • Act as contact person for child care issues
  • Maintain relationship with Directors in University Daycares
  • Prepare and arrange programs on daycare issues
  • Keep AWA members updated on daycare issues through newsletter

Membership Chair

  • Act as membership contact
  • Send out membership recruitment material, including a late August/early September mailing to all women on campus eligible for membership, and at least one other reminder to member whose membership has lapsed
  • Maintain the computerized membership database and e-mail list of members
  • As holder of the e-mail list, send out communications between theAssociation and its members (e.g. announcements or events, requests for input etc. .)

Time- in addition to attendance at meetings, approximately 30 minutes per month, although 1- 3 hours may be needed for particular events and campaigns.

Graduate Representative

  • Attend monthly AWA exec meetings and ensure students perspective is included in discussions
  • Communicate graduate student concerns as needed to AWA Executive
  • Prior to upcoming events, provide GSA with details to include in their electronic newsletter.

Time – in addition to monthly meetings, about 15 minutes per event (approximately 6 events per year).

Web Administrator

Note: Web Administrator does not need to be a member of the Executive.

The major responsibilites of the Web Manager relate to the ongoing development and maintenance of the AWA’s website (http://www.ualberta.ca/~awa), including posting notices of events, co-ordinating content for inclusion on the site, and responding to queries about the AWA’s web presence.

Time – about 30 minutes per event (about 6 per year), plus about 30 minutes per month for communication with executive board, maintenance, and updates.

The Executive Committee consists of not less than seven and not more than ten members who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. Members of the AWA Executive contribute to the goals and objectives of the Association and participate in its activities. This includes attendance at all Executive Committee meetings–approximately one meeting (lasting on average 1.5 hours) per month during the academic year, and 1-2 Executive meetings between May and September. Other responsibilities include recruitment of new members, promoting AWA, and contributing to the dissemination of AWA’s work to the community. Executive members are involved in planning of and participation in several AWA events per year, such as brown bag lunches, the Annual General Meeting and Spring Banquet, Fall Wine and Cheese, etc. Each Executive member typically participates in at least one award (Woman of the Year or Graduate Student Award) and/or campaign per year (i.e., daycare, mentoring, or salary equity issues).

Time – in addition to the time involved with each positions below, membership on the Executive Committee involves about 2.5 hours per month during the academic year and less during summer. This includes meeting attendance, review of minutes, contribution of items to meeting agendas, and correspondence as needed with other Executive Committee members

The tasks listed for each position above are not exhaustive, but are examples of the tasks that each member of the 2001-2002 Executive currently performs.


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