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Current Executive

  • PresidentDr. Malinda S. Smith, Professor, Political Science
    Faculty of Arts
  • Past-PresidentDr. Sheena WilsonAssistant Prof., Campus St. Jean
  • Vice-President: Dr. Kisha Supernant, Associate Prof., Anthropology
    Faculty of Arts
  • Communications Officer: Ms. Nancy Bray, PhD candidate, Education and Writing Studies
  • Treasurer & Membership Chair: Ms. Catherine Anley, Employment Equity Advisor, Human Resource Services
  •  Chair, Equity & Diversity InitiativesDr. Christine BrownHead Librarian, Humanities and Social Sciences/Law 
  • Chair, Mentorship Initiatives: Dr. Anné-José Villeneuve, Assistant Prof., French & Linguistics, Campus St. Jean
  • Chair, Awards Committee: Dr. Carrie Smith-Prei, Associate Prof., and Grad Chair, Modern Language & Cultural Studies
  • Chair, Bylaw Revision Committee: Ms. Jennifer Alabiso, Assistant Chair (Admin), Modern Languages & Cultural Studies
  • Contract Academic Staff-Teaching (CAST) Representative: Vacant
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow Representative: Dr. Jihane Mriouah, Postdoctoral Fellow, Oncology
  • Graduate Student Representative: Ms. Cynthia Munro, Education Policy Studies
  • Undergraduate Student Representative: Ms. Eanimi Deborah Agube, Sociology and Economics
  • Member-at-Large: Dr. Lili Liu, Professor and Chair, Occupational Therapy
  • Member-at-Large: Dr. Liza Piper, Associate Prof., Department of History & Classics



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