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AWA Woman of the Year


Deadline for Nominations: April 15, 2018

This award is given to a University of Alberta woman or female-identified person in recognition of her contributions to the advancement of women and equity-seeking minority groups in the University of Alberta community, either through the course of her career or through current achievements in scholarship, teaching, and/or activism. Nominations of collaborative groups or teams will also be considered.


  • Candidates must be a member of or have significant connection to the academic community of the University of Alberta.
  • Contributions must have benefitted any or all groups of women and equity-seeking minority groups (faculty, students, fellows, staff) in the University of Alberta community either directly with a focus on university-specific concerns, or indirectly through work focused locally, provincially, regionally, nationally, or internationally.
  • Form of these contributions may include but are not limited to the following: publication, transformative research findings, organizational leadership, policy implementation or change, pedagogical or curricular initiatives, distinguished service, community organization, etc.
  • Outstanding quality of these contributions may derive from the result of a single project or activity, or may be representative of consistent involvement over time.
  • Candidates must be an AWA member.

The fulfillment of these criteria will be established through the nomination letter, the candidate’s CV, and at least two letters of support.


Please submit nomination packages to electronically the Chair of the AWA Awards Committee (carrie.smith-prei@ualberta.ca) by April 15, 2018. Self-nominations are welcome. Only complete nomination packages will be accepted and must include:

  • Nomination letter, which must clearly communicate the reasons the candidate should be considered, the candidate’s fulfilment of the award criteria, and detail her contributions
  • Candidate’s CV
  • At least two letters of support

All nominations will be considered by the AWA’s Awards Committee and a recommendation will be forwarded to the AWA Executive for approval. The award winner will be expected to submit a photograph and a short (200 word) biographical summary for inclusion in AWA publicity and will be invited to make a brief presentation at the AWA fall meeting and awards ceremony.

Award winners

2017 :: Janine Brodie & Dilini Vethanayagam
2010/2011 :: Faye Hicks & Malinda Smith
2009/2010 :: Helen Madill
2008/2009 :: Jane Drummond
2007/2008 :: Eleni Strouli
2006/2007 :: Yvonne Becker
2005/2006 :: Linda McCargar
2004/2005 :: Lynn Penrod
2003/2004 :: Lilly Miedzinski
2002/2003 :: Pat Prestwich
2001/2002 :: Bente Roed & Diane Wilson-Cox
2000/2001 :: Carol E. Cass
1999/2000 :: Juliet McMaster
1998/1999 :: no award given
1997/1998 :: Dianne Kieren
1996/1997 :: Patricia Clements
1995/1996 :: Margaret-Ann Armour
1994/1995 :: Doris Badir
1993/1994 :: Jean Lauber
1992/1993 :: Linda Woodbridge

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